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Find Out What Makes The Sharpened Athlete Different

Instructional Focus

The Sharpened Athlete has a very heavy focus on teaching into quick and effective decision-making. Our instructional focus is on Soccer Vision & Awareness, and being confident in taking risks with high-level creativity to produce the complete player. 

Soccer Vision & Awareness

This forces them to be “proactive players” instead of “reactive players.” Our players are taught to check their shoulder and scan the field before they receive the ball. This enables players take in the necessary information to make decisions before they receive the ball, which increases their overall speed of play.

The Sharpened Athlete creates player-centered activities that force them to keep their head up, under pressure and while performing high-level technical skills. This ensures they see and make the best decisions on the field. This enables players to see decisions they normally would not notice with their head down increasing the quality and speed of their play.

Creating Confident Risk-Takers

Our small-group training sessions blend our Soccer Vision and Awareness curriculum into a high-intensity, creative and confident training environment. As players progress through their development, we find they are trying to play fast and get rid of the ball too quick, which prohibits them from taking high-level risks and developing themselves as a confident 1 vs. 1 player. We push the players in our groups to take players on 1 vs. 1 (and even 1 vs. 2 situations), which forces players out of their comfort zones and pushes them to new creative heights.


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